Our main motto is to help users get things done with just a click of a button in the comfort and safety of their homes or offices while they are occupied with their daily chores or other important tasks. We have done extensive research and multiple surveys on different focus groups to study the exact needs of the people are, before jotting down our prime forte. To make sure that we are available to the maximum audience at the maximum number of locations, we have divided our services into four major categories - Pick From the Store, Pick And Drop, Rent Me and Healthy Kitchen. All these four services are available in our app and are accessible to everyone and anyone who uses the app. The customers can select the service depending on their needs and get their work done with us at a very nominal cost compared to our contemporaries. We have explained each of our services in detail in different sections below:

Pick and drop

Key Features

  • Serving for individuals and businesses
  • Get anything of any size picked up or delivered
  • Quick and safe delivery with zero risk

From things as small as keys and, documents to things as big as cakes, electronic items etc., We pick up and deliver anything anywhere with just a few clicks on your phone. All you need to do is enter the right pickup address, enter the right delivery address, describe the item and keep the package properly packed and ready. We will get it delivered safely without any risk within no time! Our delivery executives take care of your package with utmost care and handle it very carefully. Currently, we are providing the best pick up and drop service in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Vizag and many other cities with active customers on a day-to-day basis. Next time when you forget your keys or documents at home/office, don’t forget to buzz us.

Pick From Store

Yes, we know that you enjoy shopping but, not daily isn’t it? People have a lot of daily needs that they purchase from the local stores or markers on a day-to-day basis. This consumes a lot of their precious time which they can use to spend with their family or focus on their important tasks. To help them put away the hassles of going out and shopping daily, we have listed out all the daily use products in our app by partnering up with local markets. The customers can just select the items they need and make a payment and our delivery executive will get them delivered in under 60 mins! As you read this, we are onboarding more and more stores and providing the best micro-level markertplace service in cities like Hyderabad, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada, Vizag, Bangalore, etc. To deliver daily needs like groceries, fruits and veggies, dairy products, snacks, sweets, bakery items, etc.

Key Features

  • Wide range of local stores and daily use products listed
  • Quick and safe delivery under 60 min!
  • Better pricing as compared to offline stores and other apps
Rent Me

Key Features

  • Get multiple tasks done with the same person
  • Available in a various locations and for different time spans
  • Get any number of tasks done in the given time span

Not feeling like going out today? Occupied elsewhere and have any important tasks to do? Worry not! We hire our delivery partners for a specific period of time and get any tasks of yours done with them. With an intention to make it easy for the customers to get multiple tasks done without any limitations at their comfort, we have introduced the Rent Me service in the cities we serve. At the click of a button, our representative will be on the jobs you give to them in the timeframe of your choice. Next time when you feel tensed and worried about getting multiple things done at the same time, don’t forget to remember us!

Healthy Kitchen

After a tiring day or on a fun party night, we know that you don’t prefer to cook. No problem, ChotaBeta is here to put hunger away from you with freshly cooked sizzling hot food delivered to your doorstep within 60 min after your order has been placed. We have partnered up with local restaurants that have a good reputation for maintaining hygienic kitchens, safe ingredients and an extraordinary taste. With a wide range of cuisines and dishes available in the app, you can place an order with just a click of button and your favourite food items will be delivered to your doorstep. We are currently providing food delivery services in Hyderabad with a vision to expand to every nook and corner in the coming few days. We know that you are hungry after reading all this. Now, pick up your phone and head straight to the food delivery section of our app.

Key Features

  • Reputed local restaurants listed
  • Safe packaging and quality checks
  • Quick delivery under 60 min!